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With your help, we can get one step closer to reaching our goal. Join us in creating meaningful lives.

Meet Tyler

Tyler was a typical adolescent who was living his life to the fullest; highschool, friends, hockey, fishing, hunting, and the greatest love of his life-motocross. All was ordinary until August 24, 2008 when Tyler lost control of his dirt bike. He suffered severe traumatic brain injury. Tyler's life was changed forever!

After many months of rehabilitation at one of the best brain injury centers in the world, Tyler returned to North Dakota to live in Mandan, supported by a rehabilitation center. His family visited often but not as much as they would have liked. Tyler's mother was considering a Dickinson nursing home. It was a chance encounter with Mary Anderson, Executive Director of ABLE Inc. that prompted Tyler's mother to consider ABLE Inc.

To sustain Tyler's life, he needs daily supports; OT and PT, speech therapy, and basic hygiene. To enhance Tyler's life, he needs a place to gather with family and friends. He needs a spacious bedroom to call his own for privacy, store his medical devices and allow for a bed large enough to accommodate his 6'2' frame. His bathroom needs to have space enough for him and a caregiver.

Tyler is a young man. He could e your brother, son, your friend and he could be YOU. He is a teacher, calling us, inviting us to build a HOME for him and others. A home that is dignified and filled with the warmth of care and happiness.

With your help, we will be able to finish the construction of new homes which will give Tyler what he needs to live a full life.

Capital Fundraising Campaign for New Homes 

For over thirty years, we have been providing housing to men and women with intellectual disabilities by leasing homes for them and providing direct support professionals and nurses. However, a few years ago, it was made know to ABLE Inc. that the leases would not be renewable. They were ending shortly. This gave us the opportunity and the challenge of designing and overseeing the construction of four new homes to replace the leased homes.

Putting thirty years of experience into the process and many, many hours of planning, we have put together plans with Tooz Construction, Cerberus Security and other companies. The new homes are being built to last a century and to provide specialized care.

The total cost will be around $8,000,000.  $5,500,000 will be funded through long term financing and reimbursed through the provision of services. $2,500,000 needed to be raised to complete the construction of the four homes. $2,000,000 has been raised already through a series of grants, donations from businesses, private owners and ABLE Inc. employees. Thanks to their help, we are one short step away from completion. We only need $500,000 until we can close the project.

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ABLE Inc. "Weaving Lives Together!"