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Leadership Team

(Left to Right)

Carolynne Jones (Director of Satellite Services-32 years)

Mary Anderson (Executive Director-31 years)

Janelle Stoneking (Lead MSLA Support Coordinator-19 years)

Sarah Carlson (Lead ICF Support Coordinator-4 years)

Connie Kralicek (Director of Community & Day Supports-22 years)

Tori Rohr (Director of Residential Services-23 years)

Kirsten Friedt (Health Services Coordinator-27 years)

Mike Klein (Business Manager-11 years)

Administrative Support Team

(Left to Right)

Lorna O’Connor (Bookkeeper-27 years)

Darlene Ovitt (Secretary/ICM-31 years)

Vicki Gillen (Secretary-8 years)

Rosie Jahner (Human Resource Assistant-30 years) 

Doreen Steckler (Supervising Secretary-28 years)

Julie Jahner (Assistant Support Coordinator-28 years)

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