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ABLE, Inc. first started recycling aluminum May 1, 1987. As of April 30, 2017 we have recycled 796,731 ½ pounds of aluminum cans. Earth Day first began in 1970 when Senator Gaylord Nelson wanted to increase environmental awareness. We’ve been proud to play a part in saving some space in our landfills since 1987. ABLE, Inc. and Baker Metal & Recycling paired up August 1, 2016 (we were previously with Waste Management out of Bismarck). Each year we do our part to celebrate Earth Day by increasing our aluminum can prices during the event to encourage people to recycle. We are also the Ronald McDonald drop off site for can tabs and have been sending them a regular donation since the early 1990’s.

Pictured Left to Right: Shawn Orcutt, ABLE, Inc. Recycling Dept. Head; Bruce Moore, Baker Metal & Recycling; Josh Zacher, Baker Metal & Recycling; Carolynne Jones, ABLE, Inc. Director of Satellite Services; Glenn Hawn, ABLE, Inc. Assistant Recycling Dept. Head.




ABLE Inc. "Weaving Lives Together!"