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We are a non-profit organization serving Southwest North Dakota with locations in Dickinson, Bowman and Hettinger, supporting people in their homes, work and communities.

Because we are a business seeking to redefine the meaning of ‘assisted living’, ABLE Inc. employs direct support professionals whose primary role is to discover who people are, who they love, what they enjoy and what enhances their lives. Because of this, discovery of all these things about people happens through day-to-day supports as well as working with a team of family, friends, coworkers and community associates who support the life-long process of personal growth of all people.

We have dedicated ourselves to serving men and women with intellectual disabilities for over thirty years, but we could not have done it without the help of countless generous gifts. We need your help. Consider the options below for charitable gift giving. Find out how you can forever impact the life of a person and leave a legacy to be proud of.

31st Annual NDACP Conference

Come join us for the North Dakota Association of Community Providers 31st Annual...
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Dickinson Press Article: It’s time to move-ABLE Inc. sets campaign goal of $500,000

For more than 30 years, ABLE Inc., has been leasing four homes in Dickinson to provide support...
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Disability Awareness Day, February 16

Disability Awareness Day- Join your friends in the Great Hall at the Capitol building in Bismarck...
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ABLE Inc’s new homes

After more than 30 years with a leasing agreement for homes, ABLE Inc has decided to build four...
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The first of ABLE Inc.'s new homes (1750 4th Ave East) TO BE FINISHED SOON!!!

Our first new home on 1750 4th Ave East. Opened on February 1, 2017!

ABLE Inc. "Weaving Lives Together!"